Wednesday, November 25, 2009

suger evaluation



1) Rate each of the following out of 5:
Guest speaker: Rosemary about Timor Leste- absent
Guest speak: Joel about the xo- 3/5
SVG icon and Linux command line- 3.5/5
Turtle Art-3/5
Other activity evaluation-1/5

2) Now write about
Three things that you learnt
I learnt how to make games on physics, I also learnt how to hack sugar and make things move by a touch of a button on etoys.
Three things that you enjoyed
I enjoyed Making games in physics, using turtle art and playing around with scratch.
Three things that you didn’t like
I did not like writing the blogs, using HTML kit and doing work on etoys.

3) State which was the following with reasons:
The best was physics because it was so easy to use and we were able to make games.
The worst was etoys because the activities took so long to finish.
The most interesting, was scratch because there was so much to use to make your work more interesting.
The most difficult, thing was etoys because it was too complicated for me.

4) XO
Is the xo or olpc a good idea for the children of the developing world? State your opinion and give reasons
It’s good for kids because it can with stand being dropped and the battery power last for a long time.

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