Thursday, August 13, 2009

joel stanley interview

Joel is student at Adelaide University and currently studying electrical and computer system engineering. Joel wanted to become a electrical and computer system engineering because in Year 10 he went to a camp and after that took a tour of the University and that motivated him to study in the course that he does now. his project right now is Making XOs and testing them in an pie oven he bought on eBay to see if it withstood 65 degrees and it did. This was because the places that it was distributed were extremely hot. It took him 10 weeks to do his study on the xos. he stayed in America for approximately 3 months and had a lot of fun. I also worked with many other experience engineers and learned a lot. He stayed at MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology and that is where computers and the internet come from. The Guitar Hero also originated from there. this is the courses he studied Maths 1, Maths 2, Physics, Geography and Accounting.Joel told us that he instructed an eight year old girl and a ten year old boy how to reconstruct and repair an XO. He said on their first try they took around 30mins to fully repair it. He also showed us a video for proof. He also helped make Google chrome

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  1. This is a thumbnail sketch of the Q&A session. I was hoping for more detail.

    Also it is lacking in pictures and paragraphing.